We formed as a driven group of individuals in the Fall semester of 2010. There was a small group of roughly 12 individuals that wanted more organization and further advancement of intercollegiate social awareness. We decided to take our dream to the next level by recruiting heavily and sending our information to the National Chapter upon gathering the necessary number of interested potential pledges the following year. We were officially given the Colony status on January 21st 2012. This day will forever be in our minds and our hearts as the day we joined the Brotherhood that is Alpha Rho Chi.

On March 9th, 2013, our small group of 23, were initiated into the Brotherhood that we will be in for life, making us officially the Hippodamus Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi.  We could not have been any more excited than we were.

The College of Architecture, Art, and Design at Mississippi State University is home to the vast majority of our members but we have a few like minded individuals as well. We are a close knit organization that believes in a focus on things academic in nature before the social aspect that many of the other Fraternal organizations on our campus. Our stance of trying to unify our respective schools within our college as a whole had taken a stance among us regarding unity and equality. Alpha Rho Chi helped in this shaping process because it allowed for a co-educational organization. We hope to enrich the core of the entire college by starting from the beginning and creating a more Brotherly, nurturing atmosphere branching from our studio to envelop the College as a whole.



Below you can access our Chapter's governing documents:

Hippodamus | ArchiPledge

Hippodamus | Constitution

Hippodamus | By-Laws

Hippodamus | Policies & Procedures

National governing documents can be found here Alpha Rho Chi


For nearly a century Alpha Rho Chi has been a veritable diamond in the rough, trying to knit together the sometimes fragile relationship between the Professional Arts. As of April 2013 there are 26 chapters and 6 colonies spread across the continental United States. Each holds dear to their hearts their patron architect, their personal cadency mark, and a firm belief in the Brotherhood, and the National Constitution and By-Laws that bind this institution.


Hippodamus: Hippodamus Of Miletus is our colonies' famous representative architect. He is hailed as the father of the grid city plan and the first city planner for that matter. He was alive from 498BC to 408BC and was born in Miletus. Hippodamus is often referred to in the works of Aristotle and is also given credit as the original planner for notions of patent laws for individual accreditation.

National Fraternity Alpha Rho Chi is a professional co-educational college fraternity for students studying architecture and other design related professions.  The fraternity’s name is derived from the first three letters of the Greek word architecture:  αρχιτεκτονική. As a professional fraternity the focus of this organization has shifted away from more traditional social fraternity and focuses more on personal and academic success. Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity was founded on April 11, 1914, when the Arcus Society of the University of Illinois and Sigma Upsilon of the University of Michigan came together in Chicago, Illinois.  Their union brought together two architecture student organizations into the first national architecture fraternity. Currently there are 20 chapters, 11 dormant, and 5 colonies.  Every chapter chooses a representative ancient Greek, Roman, or Egyptian architect, drafter, or planner that they feel expresses what they bring to APX.  Similarly every chapter chooses a representative symbol and this is used to tie their particular University into the life of the chapter.