WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RECRUITMENT AND PLEDGING? Recruitment is a process during which you can become accustomed to the fraternity and meet the Brothers. Pledging is the period of time when a rushee commits to learning more about the Fraternity and initiates the pledging process. At this point in time the pledge will be required to attend mandatory events, and complete tasks and goals as set by the Active Members.

WHO CAN PLEDGE? Pledging is open to any and all interested attendees of the University where the Chapter is located. There is no bias towards race, ethnicity, origin, political affiliation, religion, or even gender. Pledging is open to all.

WHAT IS PLEDGING? Pledging is a training and acclimation process through which interested and willing people are educated in the traditions, principles, practices and heritage of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity. The National Fraternity has a comprehensive Pledge Education Program, and the local chapter supplements this information with additional information about the university and other fraternities and sororities.  A pledge is expected to develop meaningful relationships with the brothers and their fellow pledges, work individually and cooperatively on professional pledge projects and tasks, and to learn about Alpha Rho Chi.

HOW LONG DOES THE PLEDGING PROCESS LAST? Pledging lasts roughly 8 weeks, and the commitment will be comparable to a one-credit hour course load.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PLEDGING ENDS? If the pledge successfully completes all tasks required of him, the Hippodamus Brothers may extend him or her an invitation to become a member of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity. As an Active member of our Fraternity, you will be expected to pay membership fees and dues, maintain good academic standing, and actively participate in weekly Chapter meetings and other official events for the benefit of our Fraternity, community, University, and professions.

HOW DO YOU PLEDGE? Upon a formal invitation from the Hippodamus Brothers it is a personal choice to continue on the path to become a brother.

HOW MUCH DOES PLEDGING COST? As a pledge you can expect to pay a nominal fee that covers pledge education materials and establishes your dedication to completing the process. You can also expect small expenses for activities and projects. Prior to crossing into brotherhood you must pay an initial membership fee. Remember that you get out of Alpha Rho Chi what you put into it, and that nothing great is achieved without cost.

HOW MUCH WILL MEMBERSHIP COST? Individual brothers can expect to pay semester dues to the national fraternity and local chapter. These dues vary by semester, but are affordable for all members. Without this financial commitment, the fraternity would be unable to achieve its goals.

WHERE WILL MY DUES GO? The portion that is allocated for our individual Chapter will cover many of the social events we will integrate towards unifying our College. These include but are not limited to recruitment, professional events, seminar series, evocations, philanthropic programs, fundraising efforts, and community building events.

HOW DO I PAY FOR DUES? Dues can be paid with: Cash, Credit, or Check.  All dues are to be given to the Worthy Estimator.

WHEN ARE DUE FEES DUE? Dues can be paid with a Monthly Plan or all up front.

WHO SHOULD I CONTACT FOR QUESTIONS OR MORE INFORMATION? At any point in time you may contact any member of the executive council via our contact information page. We will be able to answer any questions that may arise.


Below you can access our Chapter's governing documents:

Hippodamus | ArchiPledge

Hippodamus | Constitution

Hippodamus | By-Laws

Hippodamus | Policies & Procedures

National governing documents can be found here Alpha Rho Chi